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Mudvayne Teasing a Reunion Sometime Between Now and 2019

  • Axl Rosenberg

Every metal fan in the whole wide world hopes that Mudvayne get back together, either because they like Mudvayne, or because they hope such a reunion would put an end to Hellyeah, a band so foul even that even a thoughtless gas hates them.

So this cryptic post on Mudvayne’s Facebook page may or may not be good news:

And what, pray tell, does that mean? No idea. The band could be teasing a reunion sometime between now and 2019. They could be trying to remember the rest of a New Jersey phone number. They could be celebrating centered icosagonal numbers and Kaprekar constants in base 4. They could be publicly answering the question “What number comes after 200?” The possibilities are endless, really.

You’ll know more when we do. In the meantime, speculate in the comments section below.

[via The PRP]

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