Ammonia Hates Hellyeah

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ammonia, the colorless gas which is dangerous in concentrated form, leaked at a Houston, Texas food processing plant this past Friday so as to cut short a Hellyeah concert taking place at a nearby venue.

“When I heard the concert was gonna happen a few blocks away, I tried not to panic,” Ammonia tells MetalSucks via phone. “But the show was so loud, I was actually able to hear it! It’s like, ‘Dudes, your music SUCKS, and I’m trying to work. This shit will not stand!’ So I did what I had to do.”

“Obviously, I’d never pull a stunt like this if, say, Repulsion were playing,” Ammonia added.

As the video below demonstrates, the venue in question, Warehouse Live, gave concertgoers the option to remain at the show and “blow-up and, like, explode,” but it appears that even Hellyeah fans are too smart for that. Ammonia is pleased with this outcome: “I just wanted that horrible band to shut the hell up. It’s not like I planned to actually hurt anyone.”


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