Smithsonian Profiles Anthrax, Makes Us Miss Old Noo Yawk


The times are a-changin’ indeed: less than six months after profiling Slayer, The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History has now released a video profile of Anthrax. Yes, the Smithsonian has profiled two metal bands now, and neither of them were Metallica or Sabbath. Friggin’ amazing.

ANYWAY — that Anthrax profile. It’s all about New York in the ’80s and how that environment influenced Anthrax who, in turn, influenced countless metal bands. It will definitely make you nostalgic for some classic ‘Thrax… but if you remember what pre-Giuliani New York was like, before Times Square was the safest place on Earth, when getting mugged was an inevitable right of passage and you could get hepatitis just from riding the subway, the video is downright wistful.


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