Show Me Wolves: Iceland Strikes Again

  • Anso DF

If assigned the task of arguing in favor of “extreme prog-metal,” any of us would cheer its best bands’ fluency with melody and brutality, dazzling technical feats, and mind-expanding themes. But if inventorying its faults, we may list a prog-metal band’s unnatural precision, arbitrary riffing, and willingness to settle for series of “cool noises” instead of organized songs. If only, you ponder, an act would throttle down on the Casiotone production and breathe humanness into complex extreme metal.

An almost perfect solution to that wish arrives from Iceland (where else). You’ve read on MetalSucks about Iceland’s Momentum, aka the only peer to Secrets of the Sky. And we hipped you to Naðra, whose new album is a BM instant classic. Plus, you’ve probably been cranking Wormlust because forgeddaboutit. And now meet their neighbor Show Me Wolves, named like a Hollywood Undead side project but evocative of a blackened BTBAM and the uncontrolled, underproduced, noodly frenzy thus implied. The World They Took Over starts unsteady yet vaults plateaus, kinda as though songs are ordered by date of creation. Crank it up!!

Show Me Wolves’ second album The World They Took Over came out a couple Fridays ago via False Beings. Get it here and here.

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