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Exclusive Album Stream: Abysse, I am the Wolf


Abysse - I am the WolfAll the way back in 2010 Axl wrote about a French band called Abysse, and their then-new album Le Vide Est Forme, the latest in what would become a parade of awesome metal to come pouring out of France.

It’s been a while since we checked in with Abysse, but we’re delighted that their name will once again grace our pages with a new album called I am the Wolf (we slept on 2012’s En(d)grave… sorry!). Abysse have only gotten better with time, and I am the Wolf finds them simultaneously refining their proggy, experimental, stoney brand of post-whatever and expanding into new territory; some of the songs, such as “Architecture of Bones,” feel almost like well-oiled pop songs (as much as that’s possible for an instrumental metal band) and others find them wandering further down the path of epic, non-liner structures they’ve explored in the past (“I am Ready to be Her Son”).

I am the Wolf comes out on February 12th; stream it below, buy it here, and be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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