Mantar’s New Track “Era Borealis” Goes Hard, is Catchy as Fuck


We are beyond excited about the forthcoming Mantar release Ode to the Flame! MS Mansion Master Emperor Rhombus totally nailed the German duo — the breakout metal act of SXSW 2015 — when they announced last month that a new album was on the way:

The album [2014’s Death by Burning] is an incredible triumph, a deep and constantly rewarding mixture of doom, thrash, hardcore, and black metal. That it’s made by two guys is surprising until you see them live and witness the unbridled chaos of vocalist/guitarist Hanno Klänhardt, who looks like he’s made of beef jerky and acts like he’s just had his straightjacket taken off. Where other bands go through the motions, Mantar writhes in poisonous ecstasy

And now, if you aren’t hip to Mantar yet, here’s your chance: a brand new song called “Era Borealis.” Not only do all the things Rhombus said about the band’s last album apply here, but the song is hella catchy too. True story: I put the song on as soon as I sat down at my desk in the Vince Division with my first sip of morning coffee. Then, as is wont to happen with morning coffee, I had to pay a visit to the royal throne… and though the song had since ended and I’d only listened to it once I was already humming the chorus. TMI? Sorry. Just listen to the track, trust me.

Ode to the Flame comes out April 15th via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order here on gold vinyl or here in regular formats.


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