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Saint Vincentine’s Day To Mash Up & Do It Masterfully

  • Kip Wingerschmidt

Happy D in tha V day, y’all!!!!

Or D/V/whatever in tha D/V/M/A/whatever day — we here at MetalBeForLoverzzz certainly don’t discriminate against any diverse forms of romance, sensuality, or the dirty dirty… as a matter of fact, our non-discrimination policy is quite simple: everyone sucks equally.

And here’s hoping that you’re all sucking anything/everything your sexy heart desires extra hard today.  Life’s too short, so if you are indeed fortunate enough to be in lust/love/an ideal combination of the both, please don’t hesitate to enjoy all the tasty treats available and imaginable.

In addition to the most beautiful object of my desire/affection, I am feeling particularly aroused today by the notion of our delectable Editor-inside-Chief Vincent K. Neilstein turning a whopping 157 years old.  This man sure knows how to do it, and he does it quite well.

HBD to MS. HNIC <3

Now let’s mash it up and get down to some serious lovin, courtesy of highly prolific/inventive Australian video producer Tom Compagnoni, aka Wax Audio

For more sweet sweet mashed-up madness, visit the Wax Audio YouTube channel, Soundcloud page, or official website (free album downloads available at the latter).

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