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Until the Light Takes Us Filmmaker Aaron Aites Needs Your Help Fighting Cancer


Aaron AitesIn 2010, a riveting documentary about black metal called Until the Light Takes Us captured the attention of the metalsphere. Through in-depth interviews — mostly with Fenriz and Varg, but others as well — the film told the story of a bunch of Norwegian kids who set out to make the most extreme, theatrical music possible, and then took their little game of make-believe wwwaaaayyyy too far. If you never saw the film, here’s the trailer, with the full version available all the usual places (Netflix, DVD, etc):

Now Aaron Aites, one of the film’s creators, needs your help. He’s been diagnosed with an aggressive form of kidney cancer, and his fiance and life partner Audrey Ewell is attempting to raise funds to help cover his treatment with a GoFundMe campaign. If you enjoyed Until the Light Takes Us — or Haites’ other work, including 99% (a film about Occupy Wall Street) or his band Iran — please consider donating. With Aaron’s insurance from his new job yet to kick in, and Audrey having recently lost her job, every little bit counts.

To donate, and to read more about Aaron’s specific condition and prognosis, click here.

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