Misfits Make Another Appearance on Portlandia


I’m really digging the new format of Portlandia on Season 6, which follows one set of characters through an entire episode. The expanded configuration really allows Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein to stretch out — both as writers and actors — and gives the show a depth it didn’t have before, even when certain characters made recurring appearances across several episodes.

Earlier this season Glenn Danzig made a cameo as a Romanian beach attire guru hellbent on finding the right outfits for two first-time beach-goer goths (Fred and Carrie) to much applause — Danzig was finally able to have a sense of humor about himself, and by all accounts he was a pleasure to work with. And now Danzig’s original band the Misfits have a continued presence on the show, as Doug — an immature, middle-aged man on his own for the first time in years (played by Armisen) — seeks out a replacement for his ripped Misfits shirt at Urban Outfitters. His dialogue with the salesperson — portrayed hilariously by Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny) — is hysterical, and representative of pretty much every interaction between a young person and an older one in the MetalSucks comments… or anywhere on the Internet.

Watch below, and if you missed the episode with Danzig’s cameo, we’ve posted that skit too. Portlandia airs Thursday at 1pm EST on IFC.

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