Dream Theater Turning The Astonishing Into a Videogame

  • Axl Rosenberg

As part of their ongoing campaign to convince the general public that not all of their fans are sexless goobers, Dream Theater will be releasing a video game based on their new concept record, The Astonishing. A product description from the game’s maker, Turbo Tape Games, is so dweeby it may actually make your hymen grow back:

“Prepare to step into the dystopian future as described in the concept album The Astonishing. Travel to The Great Northern Empire Of The Americas (G.N.E.A.) where any dedication, investment or interest in the arts has all but been abandoned. The very soul of what was once real music is lost in a digital quagmire of emotionless sonic madness.

“In this setting a young man from the Endless Isleland, Gabriel, emerges with a voice so profound it moves everyone that listens, transporting them back to a time where true art created by humans was celebrated and consumed as the ultimate nourishment for the soul.

“In the game you will follow the story-line of the album through a series of matches between the rebel militia and the forces of G.N.E.A. in a board-based tactical strategy game! The game is available soon on iOS & Android (both mobile and tablets), as well as for PC and MAC.”

I haven’t been paying attention to the storyline for The Astonishing, so I’d just like to take a moment to congratulate Dream Theater on make a super-serious version of the movie Step Brothers, which also features a lead character “with a voice so profound it moves everyone that listens.”

I also didn’t know that George Lucas had collaborated with DT on this story, but I’m assuming he did, because only the guy who came up with names as on-the-nose as “General Grievous” and “Darth Sidious” could think this was a cool name for The Astonishing‘s villain:

Emperor Nafaryus

No need to check with your doctor: you are definitely stupider for having encountered that.

If all goes according to play, Dream Theater fans will be playing this thing while dropping a deuce by late April. More details here.

[via The PRP]

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