Learn to Record Metal With Eyal Levi and Monuments

  • Phil Boozeman

Have you ever wanted to learn how to record metal the right way — the real right way, and not off some infomercial? (Not that they have infomercials for metal recording artists… but still you get the point.) Then this is for you!

CreativeLive ‘Music & Audio’ has announced their “Metal Recording Bootcamp,” which will be hosted by none other than Monuments and the mighty Eyal Levi, who has recorded heavyweights such as Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, and August Burns Red. The bootcamp, which begins March 7, will take place over the course of four weeks inside Clear Lake Recording in Los Angeles, but fortunately you don’t have to live in Los Angeles, or pay for a month in a hotel in Los Angeles, to be a part of this class: everything is done online. You’ll have one lesson a day and at the end of each of the four weeks, Levi will do a live check-in with the enrolled students to go over all of the week’s lessons.

So how much is all this going to cost? Not an arm and a leg: $129, which is a pretty sweet deal considering the access you’ll have to Levi and Monuments.

Interested yet? You can get more of the dirty details here.

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