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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: March 4, 2016

  • David Lee Rothmund


Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we usually stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up.


Mesarthim IsolateMesarthim
Isolate (Avantgarde)
On a playlist with: Mare Cognitum + Midnight Odyssey + Maserati
Listen Isolate full stream (here)

You like space? Who doesn’t. Even as kids, lots of us liked to mentally transport into the unlimited cosmos! Here’s your adult chance to do the same. Isolate is big. Lots of synth, lots of melody, and lots of slow-moving but powerful jammage. Note: this isn’t exactly a new album, but the physical releases are fresh (plus a bonus track). This is one you want on physical media anyhow: you let it spin while you tune out.


Downstream (Aesthetic Death)
On a playlist with: Dopesmoker + Bell Witch + Oranssi Pazuzu
Listen Downstream full stream (here)

Doom, but not really. It has the lethargy (not a bad thing), but Downstream is highly experimental and ambient at the same time. It’s an involved listen and will probably require the assistance of psychoactive substances. Or at least they’d help? This is to say that Downstream is somewhat unlistenable, in its own right. The standouts here are the magically fluid transitions from (and simultaneous integration of) discordance to swathy, vocal-heavy sludge.


a3572786497_10Cult Of Erinyes
Transcendence EP (Caverna Abismal)
On a playlist with: Young And In The Way + Macabre Omen + Thaw
Listen Transcendence EP full stream (here)

It’s bands (and albums) like Cult Of Erinyes and their Transcendence EP which really put the “big boys” to shame. First, the album is free (though you should definitely donate). Second, there’s a fucking awesome as shit Mayhem cover. Why don’t more bands do covers? They make excellent final tracks. Third, this is some righteous high-octane black metal. Pure, salty, fuck-you-up straightforward and beastly anti-junk, this is.


Primitive Man : NorthlessPrimitive Man / Northless
split (Halo Of Flies)
On a playlist with: Usnea + Fister + Indian
Litsen Primitive Man / Northless split full stream (here)

Few bands are as heavy as Primitive Man. Yes, the music is somehow primitive without being adolescent or vacuous — chock it up to the vocals and the simply crushing guitar tone. Luckily, they’ve done a split with Northless, who is faster and nastier. Together, they form a sexy combination of raw death and raw intercourse. And zomg, they’ve also done a split with Sea Bastard (both splits at the link above), who also rock!


Ripper Experiment-of-Existence-e1452128191982Ripper
Experiment Of Existence (Unspeakable Axe/Dark Descent)
On a playlist with: the best headache you’ve ever had
Listen Experiment Of Existence full stream (here)

Classic fuck-you-up metal, featuring cover art by the best metal cover artist of them all (seriously, the best). Experiment Of Existence is nasty, almost to the point of being repulsive. But, triplets! Triplets forever! This is an album you run with, you get soaked and/or dirty to this music. Scooping shit, digging ditches, cleaning out a NYC garbage truck. You get the idea!


The Great Deceiver (Omnipresence)
On a playlist with: Fear Factory + early Rammstein + Ministry
Listen The Great Deceiver full stream (here)

Mortiis is a rare bird: industrial that doesn’t suck! The Great Deceiver is everything that the bastard child of early Rammstein and Fear Factory should be. Catchy, raw, quick-witted, and obnoxiously repetitive. Metal should be made out of metal, no? This is hardened steel, or maybe the process of hardening steel, or maybe the process of making steel. You know the smell of burning metal, right?



Abyssus Once Entombed… (Transcending Obscurity) listen
Atrament Eternal Downfall (Sentient Ruin) listen
Atrocious Abnormality Formed In Disgust (Comatose) listen
Baklavaa Dane On (Grimoire) listen
The Basement Paintings Mystic (Red Tentacle) listen
fubear.Begrime Exemious The Enslavement Conquest (Dark Descent) listen
Beseech My Darkness, Darkness (Despotz) listen listen
Bizarre Inner Necropolis (Xtreem) listen
Carnac Frail Sight (Sliptrick) listen
Casket Robbery Evolution Of Evil (Mortal) listen
Centipede Sarnath (Inverse) listen
Chestburster Slime And Guilt (Svart) listen

Church Of Misery
And Then There Were None (Rise Above) listen
Circle Of Dust Circle Of Dust reissue (Fixt) listen
Dakhma Astiwihad-Zohr EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Dead Procession Rituais e Mantras do Medo (Labyrinth) listen
Devoured Fate Reality’s Nightmare Illusions (HPGD) listen
Dream Death Dissemination (Rise Above) listen
Extermination Temple Lifeless Forms EP (Apocalyptic Visions) listen
new-keepers-of-the-water-towers-infernal-machine-768x768Fabiano Andreacchio & The Atomic Factory Living Dead Groove (Sliptrick) listen
Fubear III EP (Inverse) listen
Hacktavist Outside The Box (Rise) listen listen
Hope For The Dying Legacy (Facedown) listen listen
In Obscurity Revealed The Spell Of The Seeker EP (Caverna Abismal) listen
Temple Of GnosisInverloch Distance | Collapsed (Relapse) listen
Megascavenger As Dystopia Beckons (Selfmadegod) listen listen
Neverworld Dreamsnatcher (Dream Demon) listen
New Keepers Of The Water Tower Infernal Machine (Listenable) listen
Oceans Of Slumber Winter (Century Media) listen listen
Orchid’s Curse Cynics & Liars (Red Tentacle) listen
Phobia Decades of Blastphemy collection (Melotov) listen
virulencyPictures Of Pain World Demise (Pitch Black) listen
The Qemists Warrior Sound (Fixt) listen
Reckless Love InVader (Spinefarm) listen
Reveries End Edge Of Dark Waters (Sliptrick) listen
Sabaton Heroes On Tour DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast) watch
Sindrome Resurrection: The Complete Collection (Century Media) listen
Soon Vol. 1 (Temple Of Tortuous) listen
votumTemple of Gnosis De Secretis Naturae Alchymica (ATMF) listen
Totem Skin Weltschmerz (Halo Of Flies) listen
Virulency The Anthropodermic Manuscript Of Retribution (New Standard Elite) listen
Votum Ktonik (Inner Wound) listen
Wolvserpent Aporia:Kāla:Ananta EP (Relapse) listen read

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