Avenged Sevenfold Just Made WrestleMania Ten Times More Emo


A song by mainstream metal titans Avenged Sevenfold will be featured in the crown jewel of America’s fakest sport, pro wrestling.

In a tweet sent out Thursday by the WWE Music Group, they confirmed that A7X’s “Hail To The King” will be a theme song for the 2016 edition of WrestleMania on April 3.

We all have our opinions on the quality of A7X’s music, so that can be debated in the comments section… but who exactly is the band watching their throne for? Is it Game of Thrones? Will the members of A7X be the next of the fourteen billion characters who die on that show? And another thing, isn’t there a minimum amount of eye liner required for A7X to be involved with anything? I can’t imagine WrestleMania will meet that quota unless they’re featuring an angst-ridden teenage wrestler who gets dropped off at the arena by his mom (even though he swears he hates her), and cuts himself as a signature move. Also he says ‘rawr’ a lot. And has this haircut:


Yeah, WrestleMania will be a blast.

[via The PRP]

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