Animals As Leaders Tease New Album, Lots of Soundboard Knobs


Looks like Animals As Leaders are back in the studio for, you guessed it, another new album. In a 15-second teaser (posted below), Animals As Leaders answer many vital questions that fans have been begging the band to answer such as: how many soundboard knobs can a camera pan over in 15 seconds, what their music looks like as green lines, what the snare drum could potentially sound like, and how djenty the album is shaping up to be. Spoiler alert: It’s going to be very djenty.

The band is currently recording at Sphere Studios in Los Angeles. So while Animals As Leaders enjoy the warm weather, the beach and all the fun that L.A. has to offer, the rest of the country is pretty much just happy with the fact that winter — and all that white, powdery, frozen bullshit that comes with it — is gone. Unless you live in the Midwest where it can snow until fucking April.

We don’t have any more details on the new album, but we’ll keep you all posted as soon as we hear more. Until then, you can watch the teaser below. The first person to accurately count all the knobs in the video gets a cookie.

Tracking for the next album has officially begun! Sphere Studios Los Angeles

Posted by Animals As Leaders on Friday, March 11, 2016

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