Devin Townsend Reveals Information About Next Album Transcendence


Is anyone ready for a new Devin Townsend album? Because it sure looks like Devin Townsend is. Last week, the Strapping Young Lad mastermind and accomplished solo artist Tweeted out a few bits of info about Transcendence, his next release under The Devin Townsend Project moniker and first since the Dark Matters / Sky Blue double set in October of 2014. Check it:

Like pretty much anything Townsend does this album should be pretty interesting, especially considering his battle with bipolar disorder over the years and the fact that he specifically said “To get over ourselves and our fear.” Who knows if they’re directly related or not. Just like with every other album in its early stages, all we can do now is speculate. And speculate we shall with this bombshell he dropped at the end of his Tweeting session:

Big stuff is in the works here, everybody. We’ll keep you posted when we hear more.

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