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Greg Puciato Lists the Fifteen Most Important Dillinger Escape Plan Songs

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So this is pretty interesting: Teamrock.com recently asked The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato to list, in chronological order, DEP’s fifteen most important songs. (Before those of you whose egos are too closely tied to the opinions of others lose your shit, you should know it’s “important” as in “for the creative development of the band,” not “important” as in “best.”) Puciato also provides explanations for his choices, giving fans a peek behind the DEP curtain.

I’m gonna do what you guys would do anyway and just skip directly to number one before going back to read the rest:

1. ONE OF US IS THE KILLER (One Of Us Is The Killer, 2013)
“To me, this whole record is a highlight. If I could fucking put 11 Dillinger songs on a Greatest Hits, it might just be that album, because I feel like we took everything that we started doing on Miss Machine and refined it to a point that I’m totally happy with. If One Of Us Is The Killer was the only record that people ever heard by us, I’d be completely happy about that – it’s the time capsule record of our band. Prancer, I feel, is one of the most vicious songs we’ve ever done. When I Lost My Bet is one of the best-written ‘crazy’ songs we’ve ever done. One of Us Is The Killer is the pinnacle of the melodic aspect of what we do. My vocals are the best on that record by far of any Dillinger record, which was something I really, really aimed high for; to me, it’s a band achievement and personal one. It was a huge turning point in my development as a person, as an artist, everything. I wanted us to write the record that was going to beatMiss Machine, that was going to take what we did on the record to the furthest we could take it, and I truly, truly feel like we did. I feel super happy about it. But that leaves us with having to do something that changes direction or isn’t in that vein or a refinement of process. Without giving anything away, I don’t think that we’re going to do One Of Us Is The Killer Part Two on our next album. I Still Know That One Of Us Was The Killer Last Summer, at least.”

Read the rest of Puciato’s list and explanations here. There’s a playlist of the songs he selected below.

P.S. I would totally pay to see I Still Know That One Of Us Was The Killer Last Summer.

i still know that one of us was the killer last summer

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