Class Act Dave Grohl Comes to Aid of Teenage Rock Band in Danger of Being Shut Down Over Noise Complaints


When Vince I saw the Foo Fighters a few years back, at one point Dave Grohl launched into a speech encouraging kids in the crowd to start their own bands. I forget his exact words, but the gist of it was, “You don’t need computers or cool clothes, you just need a guitar, a drum kit, and some friends,” or something like that. It would have seemed cheesy coming from almost anyone who isn’t Grohl; something about that guy’s joie de vivre is so infectious as to render the insincerity and nostalgia we usually loathe in such sentimental musings a non-issue.

And, clearly, Grohl’s preaching ain’t just propaganda! Metal Injection reports that Black Leaves of Envy, a British band consisting of kids ages fifteen to seventeen, recently contacted Mr. Grohl for help with their local town council. See, said council had recently ordered them to keep their garage practice sessions below forty decibels, which is just not loud enough to play rock music (cheap foam ear plugs will usually claim to be able to cut down about thirty decibels). So what did Grohl do? Oh, y’know, he just personally wrote the town council a letter. NBD.

And yes, the Foos have added a section to their website where they give tips on soundproofing. Amazing.

So, anyway. Yeah. Dave Grohl: always a class act!

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