MetalSucks is on Snapchat!


MetalSucks SnapchatIt’s true: MetalSucks has finally joined 2013 and started a Snapchat account!

You can friend us by scanning the above Snapcode image (Snapchat menu > Add Friends > Add by Snapcode) or by searching for us under “” (Be sure to Snap the dildo who stole the “MetalSucks” username pictures of your butthole if you see him, please).

Things you can expect on the MetalSucks Snapchat: quick daily wrap-ups of all the biggest news stories, inhabitants of the MetalSucks Mansion making their best Meshuggah faces, assorted other silly shit, live concert clips, pics of puppies and kittens and more. It’ll be a grand ol’ time!

Extra thanks to MS intern and scribe Phil Boozeman for running the show on this one. Great work, dude! A career in dick pics awaits you.

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