Texting Fan Causes Epiphany for Disturbed’s Draiman: “Are We That Boring?”

  • Axl Rosenberg

After twenty years of people trying to tell David Draiman that Disturbed are one of the most boring fucking bands on earth, David Draiman had to learn the hard way during a recent performance in Dallas, TX. It seems that one young lady in the crowd was texting for most of the performance, and so hurt were Draiman’s feelings that he felt compelled to single her out and embarrass her in-between songs:

Look: I get it. You’re a lead singer. There’s some hole in your heart that demands you do whatever you can to make sure all eyes are on you at all times because without the approval of strangers you’d wither up and die like a flower denied water.

But guess what? You’re in a metal band, not the New York Philharmonic. Most jobs have some aspect to them are irritating. At least you get paid millions of dollars to put up with it. This kind of dick move makes me wanna follow Disturbed on their next door and stand in the front row texting (or playing Uno!) at every gig. I mean, I won’t do that because no way am I subjecting myself to so many endless hours of listening to Disturbed… but I’d be interested in hiring a Task Rabbit to do it.

[via The PRP]

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