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Thrice Release “Blood on the Sand,” First New Song in Five Years


Thrice - To Be Everywhere is To Be NowhereThrice haven’t really been a heavy band for over a decade now. Their last remotely heavy album was 2005’s Vheissu — although most fans (or detractors) would probably point to The Artist and the Ambulance, which came out in 2003 — and they’ve been on hiatus without releasing anything at all since 2011.

Yet Thrice still enjoy a healthy following from within the metal and punk community. Perhaps we cling to those early albums as all-time favorites, perhaps Thrice fans are an open-minded bunch who celebrate the band’s expansion into other musical realms, or maybe they’re a truly great band and we just happen to be along for the ride.

So: after teasing us for months, Thrice have finally debuted new music from their forthcoming ninth album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere. If you’ve been following the band over the years, “Blood on the Sand” shouldn’t come as a surprise — it’s got some heavy elements, but it’s in the more indie/alternative vein the band’s been pursuing for the past few albums. It’s also really damn good; it’s got a chorus that’s catchy as hell, and like I said a moment ago, it’s still heavy enough to warrant inclusion on a site like this one.

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere comes out May 27th via Vagrant and can be pre-ordered here.

[via The PRP]

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