David Draiman Apologizes to Texting Fan — But He Also Makes a Grammatical Oopsie!


Man, David Draiman is such a cool guy!

Draiman has apologized for a recent misunderstanding with fan Shannon Pardue, which resulted in him embarrassing her in front of the whole crowd! It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and you have to appreciate that David has done so!

Unfortunately, David made a bit of a grammatical error in his apology, telling Loudwire that “I feel badly.” Oh, David, haven’t you ever seen the Val Kilmer classic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (co-starring a young Robert Downey Jr. before Iron Man made him famous!)?

Don’t sweat it, David… it’s a common mistake! We’re sure you’ll get it right next time. If there’s one thing you’ve proven today, it’s that you’re always bettering yourself!!!!!

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