Song of Sober Friday: Asking Alexandria’s “A Prophecy”


Hey everybody, crazy shit going on with this buyout, huh? I woke up today and found out I had two new bosses the second I walked into the MetalSucks mansion’s corporate office wing. As you can probably imagine, I was pretty surprised, but I’m also relieved. Vince and Axl have oppressed me for YEARS. The real me is different. The real me loves metalcore and doesn’t like drinking. Hell, my name was Phil Labiante before those two got their claws on me. So let’s listen to some real music! This one is Asking Alexandria’s “A Prophecy.” It’s a little old, but it’s still a fave for me.

Just kind of makes me a little sad that with their new album Danny Worsnop isn’t there. I mean, fuck this Dennis Stoff guy. Danny was sooooooooo much cuter and had much better cleans. But whatever. Kick back, relax and enjoy this song the way it was meant to be. Alcohol is immoral and marijuana is ILLEGAL. Intoxication makes music worse and that’s been proven. Start your Friday off right with a nice sober dose of the heaviest band on the planet.

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