Easter Sunday To Be Slaves Before Christ


Happy Jews 4 Jeebus Day!!!!!

jesus hornsI hope you all are sufficiently recovering from your excessive binging on whatever you gave up for Lent, and feeling sick to your stomachs like evil sinners should…

But seriously, props to those of you who sacrificed something major for 40 days — it takes a strong constitution to have such discipline and that is respectable.  So whether you gave up ganja, social media, cheese, television… YOU’RE A TROOPER.

If you gave up sex like Josh Hartnett in the awful film 40 Days and 40 Nights — YOU’RE AN IDIOT.

Jesus loved the dirty dirty, and so should you!

One thing that makes every Easter tenfold better is Pittsburgh’s finest blackened hardcore outfit (and, according to Grim Kim, Twitter aficionadosSlaves BC.  The band released a punishing new album entitled All is Dust and I Am Nothing last month that is simply heavenly… check it out below, buy it on Bandcamp, and like these saints sinners homies on Facebook.

Then check out this list of 7 Christian Black Metal Bands You Need To Hear from our bromeos at Metal Injection.

Then check out Pastor Matt’s list of The Top 100 Christian Rock & Metal Songs of All-Time.

Or this list of Top 10 Anti-Religion Tunes.

And now some jams for the heathens among us…

Or if Jesus is just alright witchoo:

metal jesus

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