Watch: Babymetal US TV Debut On Stephen Colbert’s Late Show


From the perspective of a metal fan, Babymetal’s self-titled 2014 debut album has no small measure of allure. Its devotion is to metal and pop in equal measures, its vibe a convergence of heavy and playful, and its concept a godsend for anyone who has ever lamented a slick melody that’s wasted on a limp jam. But for those who comprehend and respect the horrific potential of J-pop songcraft, it’s conservative. It isn’t as generous to pop fans as it is to metal fans.

If intentional, that set-up makes sense: to ease metal people out of their comfort zone. Here in 2016, however, Babymetal’s second album is a different situation: Its songs represent the best compositions by any pop songwriter on the planet and can stop the strictest pop devotee dead in their tracks. It doesn’t go easy on metal fans or their gag reflex for nuclear-grade pop. Nothing is held back; its quirky element is euphoria, its anthems are narcotic. This is not kids music — even when it tries to be.

Anyway, it’s smart that for their Tuesday appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Babymetal reached back to their first album for a “training wheels” jam to ease viewers out of their comfort zone. After all, Babymetal seems even weirder in the context of vanilla-ass late night TV. Check it out:

Babymetal’s Metal Resistance came out Friday via RAL/Sony. Get it here and read our official review.

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