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Reunited Guns N’ Roses Play Las Vegas, Despite Axl Rose’s Broken Foot


The good news is, the semi-reunited Guns N’ Roses played Las Vegas on Friday and Saturday night as they were supposed to. The bad news is, Axl Rose apparently broken his foot at The Troubador show a week earlier, and therefore had to perform from atop a throne (how symbolically fitting). The interesting news is, said throne was leant to rose by Dave Grohl, who used it this past summer when he broke his leg. We’ve come a long way from Nirvana refusing to tour with Guns N’ Roses.

ANYWAY, I’ve spoken with a bunch of friends who are either one or both of the gigs, and it seems like everyone had a blast, despite Rose’s physical impairment. On at least one night, the band performed “Coma,” which, if I’m not mistaken, is only the second (maybe third?) time they’ve ever done so; on another night, they brought out Sebastian Bach to duet “My Michelle” with Rose, so good for Bach for keeping that gravy train rolling.

Video from both nights is below. The footage from Friday’s show is complete and in chronological order; the only clips I’m including from the second night are “My Michelle” and “Don’t Cry,” because the setlist was otherwise identical, and because you’re capable of using YouTube on your own if it means that much to you. Enjoy:

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