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Video: Russian Orthodox Activist Spits in the Face of Belphegor’s Helmut Lehner

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s no secret that Russia isn’t exactly the most metal-friendly environment these days: this is a country that had Behemoth deported, sent a military unit to break up a Cannibal Corpse show, and banned lyrics and artwork by that same group. So it seems safe to assume that there won’t be a Moscow Death Fest anytime soon.

Stiil, this video is, for lack of a better term, upsetting: this past weekend, while waiting for a flight at Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg, Belphegor’s Helmuth Lehner was spit on by a Russian Orthodox Activist, Vitali Milonova Anatoly Artyukhov. (I’ve seen one report which claims that Artyukhov is also the assistant deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, but I’ve been unable to find any confirmation of this.) When a fight nearly broke out as a result, Lehner’s tourmate, Nile guitarist Karl Sanders, intervened and prevented things from getting physical. Watch:

So that’s fucking nuts, right? Luckily things didn’t escalate any further.

Still, it seems like if you’re in a metal band, Russia is not the place to tour right now. That sucks for the Russian fans, but it beats getting spit on, attacked, and/or thrown in jail, doesn’t it?

Thanks: Joseph A.

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