Watch Footage of Job For a Cowboy Performing Material from Sun Eater for the First Time Ever


A funny thing happened to Job For a Cowboy after they released Sun Eater, the best album of their career, the one that completed their transition from young kid deathcore to prog metal behemoths: they all but stopped being a band. Independent of their van going up in flames (literally), Job For a Cowboy did absolutely zero touring in support of Sun Eater — what’s more, they haven’t toured since 2013! — and previous attempts by MetalSucks to get answers from the band and their label as to why haven’t yielded much besides simply “life.”

But the members of JFAC took a break from their respective jobs, families and generally humdrum, non-metal existences for one day only, April 8th, at the Modified Ghost Festival in Vancouver. To the crowd’s delight they played at least one song from Sun Eater — “Sun of Nihility” — and one fan, Mitchell Dauksis, captured this most glorious of occasions. And fuck… they sound so tight! Jon “Charn” Rice rejoined the band for this show and presumably had some catching up to do to learn these songs — Intronaut’s Danny Walker played on the album — but it doesn’t seem as if that was too much of a challenge for him.

Sun Eater is the only JFAC album I’ve ever genuinely gotten into, and as such my interest in seeing JFAC live starts and ends with those songs… so I sure hope they bring this show on the road sooner rather than later. Rumor has it that the band has received plenty of lucrative offers for tours and festivals but, unfortunately, frontman Jonny Davy — who owns the JFAC name and brand — just isn’t interested.

Watch the performance below, and let us if the band played any other Sun Eater tracks (and if there’s any footage) by dropping us an email at news[at]metalsucks.net.

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