Celebrate Prince’s Life with These Metal and Hard Rock Covers of His Classic Tracks


While we shouldn’t have to explain why the passing of a rock n’ roll legend of Prince’s stature warrants inclusion on a heavy metal site, haters gonna hate. So we’ve assembled a few of our favorite metal and hard rock covers of classic Prince songs to drive the point home that Prince’s music reached us all, and to mourn the passing of yet another icon. Let us know of any we’ve missed by emailing us at news[at]metalsucks.net.

Living Colour, “17 Days”

Limp Bizkit, “1999”

Ulver, “Thieves in the Temple”

Corey Taylor, “Little Red Corvette”

Corey Taylor and the Junk Beer Kidnap Band, “Let’s Go Crazy”

Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Corey Glover (Living Colour) and Orianthi, “Purple Rain”

Incubus, “Let’s Go Crazy”

Foo Fighters, “Darling Nikki” (starts at 5:00)

Chum “Darling Nikki”

Muse, “Sign O’ the Times”

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