Lord Mantis Admire a Prostitute’s Dental Work on “NTW”


Invisible Oranges have debuted the title track from NTW, the new EP by the re-tooled Lord Mantis. As we reported in March, the initials stand for “Nice Teeth Whore” (although I suspect they mean “Nice Teeth, Whore”). I know some may find this title offensive, but I think Lord Mantis deserve a pat on their collective back for being so original and progressive. I mean, we’ve already a few trillion metal songs about fucking women with knives and disfiguring prostitutes — but has there ever been a metal song about a working gal’s oral hygiene before? No. No there has not. Honestly, I think the people who claim this song is offensive just aren’t feminists. Jerks.

Check out “NTW” below. The EP of the same name is out April 29 via New Density. Pre-order it here.

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