L.A. Guns Vocalist Phil Lewis Pays Tribute to Prince with Racist Comments


You gotta hand it to Phil Lewis: it only took him three decades, but the L.A. Guns vocalist has finally figured out a way to ensure that the band’s legacy is something more than just “Footnote in the history of Guns N’ Roses that at one point comically became two bands with the same name.”

Now their legacy will be that they’re incredibly racist.

Metal Insider reports that during a L.A. Guns performance at the Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus, MD this past Friday night, Lewis paid tribute to Prince with this heartbreaking eulogy:

“We were all into that Prince, right?! Purple Rain. It was so cool, because, you know, you had all your heavy shit, and then you had the pop shit, and there was Prince doing his own fucking thing. The problem is, right now — and I’m not gonna be a racist about it — but black people are all one-dimensional. We need more Princes, man. We need less fucking rappers and more people like Prince. There, I said it.”

WOW. It takes balls for the guy who wrote the songs “Sex Action”  and “My Koo Ka Choo” to call anyone “one-dimensional,” let alone an entire race of people.

Needless to say, Lewis quickly realized how offensive his words were and took to Facebook to apologize. And by “apologize,” I mean “double down on being a bigoted jackass” (screen cap courtesy of Metal Sludge):


Jesus hairless chihuahua Christ, everything about that statement is amazing. The ignorance! The self-aggrandizing! The sheer stupidity of the assertions! It is A Confederacy of Dunces-level funny.

This is the kind of thing which might ruin Lewis’ career, if he had a career to ruin. Fortunately, this is the first time he’s done anything anyone has cared about since roughly 1988, and 99.9% of all rock and metal fans wouldn’t recognize him if he belted “The Ballad of Jayne” in their face. So I’m guessing Lewis will be able to continue to play small bars to fives or even tens of drunken aging groupies until he’s finally killed in a drive-by masterminded by the black gangsta family next door.

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