AC/DC Offers Refund for London Show Featuring Axl Rose


As you all know, Axl Rose is now the lead singer of AC/DC. In response to this news, many fans have vocally hated on Rose and the remaining members of the band, claiming they never should have replaced Brian Johnson after his departure.

Well, now AC/DC is giving some of those fans a chance to get their money back. The band will offer Seetickets customers who bought tickets for the 6/4 show at London’s Olympic Stadium a chance to get their money back, should they want it. Fans have until 5:oopm (assumedly London time, so GMT+1) on May 6th to request their money back.

This is certainly a cool move on AC/DC’s part, basically acknowledging that those fans who came to see the Johnson line-up shouldn’t have to pay to see a show they might not have bought tickets for in the first place.

That said, it also implies–ever so slightly–that they understand that AC/DC Featuring Axl Rose is not really AC/DC, which is in many ways valid. No matter how good he sounds with the band, Rose will always be a stand-in, and any attempt to tour considerably with him under the name ‘AC/DC’ will be somewhat apocryphal. This might be a hint that though Rose is touring with them for now, his days in AC/DC are limited. Then again, I might just be projecting.

Anyway, London ticket holders, the ball’s in your court. Let us know if the refund is easy to get or if they surround it with a lot of red tape and bullshit.

[via TeamRock]

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