Guitarist Finds Way to Make iPhone Ringtone 100% More Metal, 50% Less Irritating

  • Axl Rosenberg

The default ringtone on the iPhone is really, really fucking annoying. Granted, most iPhone ringtones that aren’t custom made are really, really fucking annoying. But years of having to hear this shit go off in inappropriate public places because the morons who don’t change their ringtone are the same morons who don’t turn off their phone at the movies has created within me a Pavlovian response: I hear those sounds and I simply must kill the owner of the phone from which they originate. I simply must!!!

But wait! What’s this? Some dude calling himself ToxicxEternity has made a metal “tribute” to the iPhone ringtone? And he’s giving away a MP3 of the track so one could, in fact, make it their ringtone? Is there an app which allows me to replace other people’s ringtones with this???

[via Metal Insider]

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