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Did This Canadian Designer Rip-Off Brutal Truth’s Logo?


So there’s this Canadian designer based in Belgium. His name is Devon Halfnight LeFlufy. (Believe it or not, that’s his real name.) A quick Google search shows that he’s kind of a big deal. And he made this crewneck, for which he is charging a mere $144 (down from its original price of $240). It should immediately look familiar to any extreme music fan:

LeFlufy Brutal Truth Crewneck

In case you need a refresher, here’s the logo for revered grind band Brutal Truth:

brutal truth logo white

So, to Mr. LeFlufy’s credit, he did make some changes to the original logo. Not to his credit, he still clearly stole the original logo. I mean, best case scenario, this is a case of cryptomnesia. And that’s still not an awesome scenario.

What’s amazing to me about this is that he thought no one notice. “Oh, they’re just some metal band, who gives a shit?”

Well, we noticed, LeFlufy. We noticed!

Thanks: Mita

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