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The Kids at The O’Keefe Music Foundation Keep Danzig Evil


Those lovable scamps at the O’Keefe Music Foundation are at it again. Their Tool cover restored our faith in today’s youth, and their Slipknot cover made us fear leaving our own children home alone. Now, they’ve released a cover of Danzig’s “Let It Be Captured”… and are trying to crowd-fund a Danzig tribute album.

With your help, the OMF will release Danzigology, a six-song tribute celebrating all things Danzig. The songs featured thereon will be “Bound by Blood,” “Can’t Speak,” “Her Black Wings,” “Black Candy,” “Come to Silver,” and “Twist of Cain.” Obviously, certain songs like “She Rides” and “Stalker Song” will not be included, because these are fucking kids here, man (though in general, it seems weird for a group of kids to cover a dude who released his own line of erotic horror comics, but hey, you can’t keep them safe forever).

For the record, I’m pretty sure the OMF set up this Kickstarter before the recent announcement of the original Misfits line-up reuniting, so I doubt they’re trying to capitalize on the current hype surrounding it (though we definitely are by posting this! Make that blog money!).

You can give to their Kickstarter here. In the meantime, here’s the O’Keefe Music Foundation covering “Let It Be Captured” and making it sound as creepy as it ever has.

[via Metal Insider]

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