Two Members of Buckcherry Have Started a Rap-Dubstep Band, and It’s TERRIBLE


Buckcherry released an album last summer, and now, with ample distance from that, two of the band’s members — singer Joshua Todd and guitarist Stevie D. — have decided to launch a side project, Spraygun War.

And OH MY GOD is accurate. It’s terrible. Really, really bad. Embarrassing, even.

The video, which premiered at Loudwire (why is Loudwire vouching for this crap??) features Stevie D. (Buckcherry’s “other” guitarist, not the one who writes most of their music) and Todd — wearing a flat-brimmed cap bearing the band’s name (ugh) — playing under a graffiti-covered overpass in what I’m guessing is LA. Super hard! There’s a stutter-step beat and a few womp-womp-womps, then Todd starts rapping over some generic rock guitar riffs… and oh god, just stop! Stop it right now! These guys seem painfully unaware that the whole dubstep thing crested five years ago, and even then it had nothing to do with middle-aged rocker men. Judging by the quote from writer Arthur C. Clarke on the opening slate the song’s lyrics are probably supposed to be “profound” or something, but I can’t even be bothered… it’s impossible to take anything here seriously!

Watch “OMG” below, then hang your head in shame.

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