MetalSucks is Looking for a Comment Section Moderator


You! Yeah, you! Do you read MetalSucks on a frequent basis? Wanna be a part of the MetalSucks team? Like our comments section in theory, but wish the other MS readers were just a tad more polite? Well, then — we could really use your help!

MetalSucks is looking for someone to act as the moderator of our comments section. You will be given admin status in the comments section and tasked with keeping the MetalSucks comments section a slightly kinder, gentler place.

To be clear, there’s a reason we use the word “slightly” — we are not looking for someone to stop readers from disagreeing with or insulting us or one another!!! We have spent almost a decade now making MetalSucks a place where people can come to voice disparate opinions, often in a manner which is quite, um, passionate, and we have no intention of changing that now. The moderator’s job will simply be to make sure that comments disagree with and/or insult our writers and/or their fellow commenters in the right way. By which we mean: the readers cannot use bigoted language, cannot spam the comments section, and must have some sense of when a joke is appropriately offensive or just actually offensive. We can count on one hand the number of times we’ve banned a commenter from the site, and we don’t expect that number to go up very much. Basically, we just expect our readers to have a vague sense of human decency.

Requirements for the gig:

  • Must be a frequent MetalSucks reader with time to devote to keeping track of the comments section. We don’t see this is a full-time job at all, but you also can’t, like, not look at the comments for a month straight, for obvious reasons.
  • Must have a thick skin. The internet is full of dillholes, and as the MS moderator, you are going to encounter, and come under verbal/written attack from, some of these dillholes. Believe us, we know what a pain in the ass these folks are, but you need to be able to take a deep breath and remember that they’re only trolls and words cannot physically harm you.
  • Must not be a dillhole yourself. This should go without saying.
  • This is a non-paying position. You’d be doing it just to help us out.

That’s it! Interested? Think you’ve got what it takes? E-mail Axl and Vince at news AT metalsucks DOT net with the subject MS MODERATOR! We’ll look over all the submissions and get down to business ASAP. With your help, we know we can make MetalSucks just that much less sucky!!!

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