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Listen: Denouncement Pyre Encircles Your “World”


Denouncement Pyre Black Sun Unbound

I hope Denouncement Pyre is the very first extreme metal experience for a lot of future metal fans. Young dudes looking to go heavier than macho radio stuff, random normals who until DP knew only metal’s reputation, olds who concluded that anything more brutal than ’80s thrash is just noise — for all these, Denouncement Pyre is perfect. They’re the understated but remarkable guy in your group of friends that is always sent first to approach a group of bikini tourists at the beach.

Their forthcoming new album is called Black Sun Unbound and it is deep impact and few demands. It courts clarity, its message is not obscure. It’s reverent to BDM “tradition” but isn’t confined to tribute. Its production is big for extreme metal, but that’s partly the cause of a listener’s close relationship with each of its parts. Then there’s the guitar solos — awesome tone, unhinged, brief — which arrive never in the same spot, but like everything else it’s smart not over-considered. And finally, it’s a clinic in “reverb on vocals.” Lovvve youuuu Denouncement Pyre. Here’s Black Sun Unbound‘s second new jam, “World Encircler”; may it convert somebody today.

Denouncement Pyre’s Black Sun Unbound is out July 22 via Hells Headbangers. Pre-order here and here.

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