Selfie Expert Frankie Palmeri Disses Selfies on The Browning’s “Descent”


You’ll know you’re in deep shit the second the video for The Browning’s new song, “Descent,” begins; between the Skrillex music and the Transformers visuals, every fiber of your being will likely shout, “TURN THIS THE FUCK OFF RIGHT NOW!” I implore you to stick with it, though. Not because the song gets any better — obviously, it doesn’t — but because it gets much, much funnier when Frankie Palmeri shows up to do some rapping.

I don’t know if Palmeri wrote the lyrics for his portion of the song or not, but they sure are literal-minded enough to be Emmure lyrics. See, according to The Browning’s Jonny McBee, the song is about how “Social media is ruining humanity” (which is a literal melodramatic, but let’s not get off topic). So how does Palmeri and/or his lyricist interpret this theme?

I don’t want your fucking friend request
I’d rather put this knife into your neck

This is what it’s come to, people. Metal bands are no longer pissed off about religion or societal hypocrisy… they’re mad about insincere friend requests. Sigh.

As if that wasn’t silly enough, Palmeri also has a line where he says, “Watch ’em all take a self like a sad clone.” If we assume he means “watch ’em all take a selfie,” then this truly takes the cake for Dumbest Palmeri Lyric to Date: Palmeri’s social media accounts are rotten with selfies.

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Have a few yuks on Frankie below, courtesy of Alternative Press. The Browning’s new album, Isolation, is out June 24 on Spinefarm.

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