Video: Frost Giant from the Video Game Smite Moshes to Whitechapel

  • Phil Boozeman

If there’s one thing I’ve been obsessed with lately, it’s a game called Smite. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a lot like League of Legends except the characters you play as are all gods from various cultures and mythologies around the world, and it’s third person instead of top down. There are Norse, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Mayan, Egyptian, Chinese AND Japanese gods, which means that if you’ve been dying to know who would win in a fight between Zeus and Thor, you can make it happen.

In this specific case, however, there’s only one character who is important and that character is the Norse frost giant Ymir. Not only is Ymir one of the best tanks in the game, but he also has the best victory dance in the game because he isn’t just dancing. He is throwing the fuck down. Ymir two-steps, pulls chains and headbangs with the best of them, so to celebrate the release of the new Whitechapel album (which is incredible, thanks for asking), I decided that Ymir needed something more brutal to mosh to than trumpets.

If you follow the MetalSucks Snapchat, which I know you all do, you’ve seen something like this before along with an invitation to play Smite with me. I’m boldly extending that invitation once more so if any of you jackaloons feel like getting down with some god-on-god action on the PS4, my PSN user can be found in the video. Did I mention that the game is free?

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