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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 24, 2016

  • David Lee Rothmund


Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we usually stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up.


Light Of The Morning StarLight Of The Morning Star
Cemetery Glow EP (Iron Bonehead)
On a playlist with: Ghost’s not-as-trendy cousin
Listen Cemetery Glow EP full stream (here)

Diggable i.e music able to be digged is characterized by the following: 1) it grooves, and 2) it’s weird. These two elements must be present, otherwise you just have good albeit ultimately forgettable music. Imagine David Bowie (respect), just darker, more sinister, and more likely to flippantly comment “hey, nice funeral” at your funeral. The Cemetery Glow EP is indisputably death music incarnate, plus you can dig the fuck out of it (kinda like digging a grave, you see?).


Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 24, 2016Kayo Dot
Plastic House On Base Of Sky (The Flenser)
On a playlist with: Uneven Structure’s tamer moments
Listen three-fifths of Plastic House On Base Of Sky (here)

“Hey, that’s not metal…” Fuck you! Kind of like pornography, you know it when you see (hear) it: that’s metal. Use your gut and analyze this Plastic House On Base Of Sky shit. You won’t feel like you’d wasted your time. Kayo Dot specializes in the kind of deft electro-prog which stimulates your subconscious even if your conscious goes “no way, fuck this spaced-out wimpy echo-filled post-hip postmodern trash.” Whatever it is, it’s smooth as butter and sky-high as frig and worthy of a golf-clap praise.


dark AvengerDark Avenger
Tales Of Avalon: The Lament (Scarlet)
On a playlist with: the handful of power metal records you love
Listen Tales Of Avalon: The Lament full stream (here)

Albums otherwise imperfect — we’re all imperfect somehow — yet also mind-opening always deserve consideration. So consider this, you’re actually going to like this post-Dickinson vocal-backed nerdy power metal with the hokey album cover and outrageous lyrics. It surpasses soundalikes on nearly all fronts: songwriting (especially), heaviness, and “dork balance” quotient. Meaning it’s not as cringe-worthy as you’d think, but enough to draw suspicion.


CB MurdocCB Murdoc
Here Be Dragons (Vicisolum)
On a playlist with: Spektr, Darkspace, Paysage d’Hiver
Listen Here Be Dragons full stream (here)

Finding a comparable for hyper-awesome band Spektr has proven difficult… until now, because Here Be Dragons is all that dark electro-backed blackened breakdown/blastbeat-core plus more, i.e. plus vocals. Not to say Spektr is inhibited by their instrumental nature. Note the mechanical smoothness and laser-precision of these grindcore-ish riffs, and then bam! A fucking blues solo. Can’t get enough fun, and fun never hurt anyone (maybe).


Vessels (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Insomnium, In Mourning, Mors Principium Est
Listen Vessels full stream (here)

The problem w/ predominantly melodic music: it starts to get sing-songy and thus unbearable. Not so here — the more melodeath-type melody, used sparingly and responsibly, embedded in a matrix of piano/acoustic passages and blastbeat uppercuts, altogether makes Vessels more than bearable. You actually want it, and more of it! Be’lakor are true champions of listenability and cohesion, a much-needed reprieve from the TV-static world out there. Axl knows.


Dawn Of DiseaseBattle Path Ambedo cassette (Wood and Stone) listen
The Browning Isolation (Spinefarm) listen
Comet Control Center Of The Maze (Tee Pee) listen
Countless Skies New Dawn (Kolony) listen
Criminal Instinct Zone 6 Music (Closed Casket Activities) listen
Dawn Of Disease Worship The Grave (Napalm) listen listen listen
Denner/Shermann Masters Of Evil (Metal Blade) listen
Neige Et NoirceurEarth Ship Hollowed (Napalm) listen
Faithsedge Restoration (Scarlet) listen
Forteresse Themes Pour La Rebellion (Sepulchral) listen
Front Iron Overkill (Iron Bonehead) listen
Head Of The Demon Sathanas Trismigestos (Ajna Offensive) listen
Internal Suffering Cyclonic Void Of Power (Unique Leader) listen
Neige Et Noirceur Les Tenebres Modernes (Sepulchral) listen
Motörhead Clean Your Clock Live Boxed Set (UDR Music) listen
Shed The SkinParadox Pangea (AFM) listen
Secret Rule Machination (Scarlet) listen
Shed The Skin Harrowing Faith (Hells Headbangers) listen
Waxen Weihung Auf Satan (Moribund) listen
Whitechapel Mark Of The Blade (Metal Blade) listen

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