Lawyer Who Led Plagiarism Case Against Led Zeppelin Has Been Suspended, Sounds Like a Scumbag


Lawyers: you don’t have to have a crucifix handy, but it counts. Whenever I think of lawyers, this comes to mind:

And apparently, one such lawyer is Mr. Francis Malofiy, the lawyer who led the recent plagiarism suit against Led Zeppelin (that Zeppelin won). Malofiy has apparently been suspended for three months and one day for conduct during a plagiarism case against Usher.

Malofiy’s suspension comes from his not paying $28,000 after having misled a co-defendant into signing a document without appropriate advice, though it doesn’t help that his conduct was described as “unprofessional” and “uncivil” during that trial.

And while the ruling only applies in Pennsylvania, California requires all its lawyers to be “of good standing”, meaning that if Michael Skidmore, trustee of the Spirit song “Taurus” which was allegedly ripped off by “Stairway To Heaven”, wants to file an appeal against the ruling, Malofiy will probably be unable to lead it.

It’s a shame for Skidmore, whose side I personally support, but you also gotta wonder why he hired a dude who was already known for being a complete charlatan during a separate music plagiarism trial. Probably not a good look.

[via Classic Rock]

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