Dave Mustaine: Lamb of God Drummer Chris Adler “Has Nothing to Do” with Megadeth Anymore


If you were hoping that Chris Adler would somehow find the time to simultaneously be the drummer for two hugely successful metal bands, well, you can take that hope and stick it where the sun don’t shine. In a new interview with Machine Music, Megadeth megamind Dave Mustaine says…

“Chris Adler is not with Megadeth; he’s in Lamb of God. He was a session guy. It was what you could call ‘work for hire.’ And he has nothing to do with us anymore, and he is with his band, which… I’m very grateful for his contributions. I’m grateful for him introducing us to Dirk [Verbeuren, current Megadeth touring drummer]. We still haven’t announced who our new drummer is gonna be. [But] it won’t be Chris Adler, because he’s in Lamb of God.”

Adler made it quite clear from the get-go that LoG would remain his priority, so this isn’t, like, a massive shock or whatever. I do wonder if Verbeuren will eventually end up with the gig… although that dude certainly has no shortage of projects on his plate at any given moment, so who knows.

Expect a “permanent” new Megadeth drummer to be announced sometime circa 2020.

[via Lambofgoat]

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