Maynard Addresses Tool Double-Album Rumors: “#dumb”


When rumors broke this past weekend that Tool are planning a 2.5 hour, double-album release titled Decem for this coming fall, everyone (including us) had good reason to be skeptical: Tool are notorious for misleading rumors, whether initiated by devious fans or the band members themselves. Still, after ten years of waiting, we held out hope that the rumors were true.

Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan himself has now addressed the rumors on Twitter… sort of. And the upshot is: we still don’t know! His one-word response is seemingly a not-so-veiled attack on Tool fans — who he once called “insufferable” — but, this being Tool, he could well be taking the piss and putting this out into the world as a ruse. Here, have a look for yourself, via Metal Injection:

It really isn’t clear from Maynard’s Tweet whether the rumors are true, and probably intentionally so! While in all likelihood the rumors are false, I’ll still choose to hold out hope… YA GOTTA BELIEVE!

And here we are swallowing it hook, line and sinker. Damn you, Maynard, all proving your point and shit.

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