Enlarge Also: Ken Sorceron of Abigail Williams all but confirmed as new vocalist.

The Faceless: New Album is “Pretty Much Done”


Looks like those of you who voted for The Faceless in our recent poll in which we asked which notoriously slow metal band will be the first to release a new album were correct, although Tool are still in the running; The Faceless’ second guitarist Justin McKinney (also of The Zenith Passage) gave an update to Metal Injection indicating things are moving along for album #4.

It’s pretty much done. We’ve had some issues with finishing up on the vocals. Derek [Rydquist] was our guy, but it didn’t quite work out. Basically, he could track the album but it’d be hard for him tour in The Faceless tour schedule.

As much as he and us wanted it to work out, he thought it’d be better for the band if we got someone to do vocals full time, instead of just having him on the album. We have nothing against him and the separation was mutual. And believe me, I wanted Derek. He’s the sickest.

We finally have another guy now though. We were just on tour with him. He’s actually tracking vocals with [Michael] Keene right now. The album is done being written in terms of music, we’re just waiting on the vocals. It’s been in a pain in the ass to go through so many try-outs. Keene is really anal about how he wants someone to sound and I’m the same way. He has a vision and that’s why it’s taken awhile. And it’ll be out in soon. We’re really pushing to get it out this year.

McKinney’s quote all but confirms speculation that Abigail Williams mastermind Ken Sorceron — who toured with the The Faceless this spring — is the new vocalist for the group, although it’s worth noting that his language leaves open the possibility that the new vocalist is someone else who was on the tour (albeit unlikely). Presumably we’ll hear an announcement about that soon.

In any case, it’s possible we’ll have a new Faceless album before the year is out, but given all the work that still needs to be done — finishing the vocals, mixing, mastering, then letting Sumerian set up a marketing plan and release schedule — I’d bet on early 2017 instead.

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