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Video: Fan Spits on Slayer’s Tom Araya, Gets Ejected From Comic-Con Show


Ah, Comic-Con. The shoulder-to-shoulder crowds! The attention-seeking cosplay revelers! THAT SMELL of trampled carpet, foot fungus and sweat! How I miss it oh so much!

Slayer played a special set at the House of Blues on Thursday night after San Diego Comic-Con wrapped up for the day, and one fan decided to return Tom Araya’s heartfelt “thank you” to the audience by hocking a loogie his way. And, this being 2016, there’s fan-filmed cell phone video of the entire incident.

Although the sputum in question isn’t visible in the video, you can see Tom Araya flinch around the 1:50 mark before repeating “What was that about?” in the direction of the spit-hocking fan, then revealing “Somebody just fucking spit on me.” Araya continues to gesture at the fan and repeat “What was that about? Why?” while the crowd starts chanting “Throw him out! Throw him out!” until exactly that happens around the 3:45 mark.

What’s most mind-boggling about this incident is that the fan in question not only spent money on a ticket to be inside a rare, intimate Slayer small club show, but put a ton of time and energy into working his way — and staying — up front, right against the barricade. Unless his entire night’s goal was to fire some spittle in Araya’s direction, like a crazed Slayer loogie assassin, his actions make absolutely no sense.

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