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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: July 29, 2016

  • David Lee Rothmund

Ringworm - Snake Church

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we usually stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up.


Revisions Of The Past collection (Nordvis/Bindrune)
On a playlist with: Waldgeflüster, Falls Of Rauros, Spectral Lore
Listen Revisions Of The Past full stream (here)

Look at black metal — it all funnels toward Panopticon: a nearly flawless history of melting minds and faces. The first two records, On The Subject Of Mortality and Social Disservices, suffered a bit from amateur production. But underneath a new veneer are two indisputably incredible albums, now w/ even more incredibleness: not just re-recorded, but actually revamped. And re-energized!


kohti TuhoaKohti Tuhoa
Rutiinin Orja (Southern Lord)
On a playlist with: really angry mice
Listen Rutiinin Orja full stream (here)

This punky grindcore from Finland is a total pube-punch. The first hit: higher-pitched vocals, plus their mysterious ambiguity. Sometimes you run into e.g. a seriously hunky dude or gal, and s/he turns out alto as fuck. Expectation violation is the name of the game on Rutiinin Orja, plus just rocking your soul. Pump-me-up music for angry weaves through traffic or jogging off your pudding weight.


Feign AtlasFeign
Atlas (Into The Night)
On a playlist with: Mare Cognitum, Sun Worship, Uada
Listen Atlas full stream (here)

Proof that atmosphere can drive an entire album: Atlas is all about virtual space, of course the metaphor involving real space, a true infinite expanse. Imagine an echo chamber with no walls, imagine the planets each growling their names in gentle succession. But not without metal, specifically not without solid and classic riffage, definitely not without blastbeats and intense, emotional pauses, time to reflect on whether it all has any purpose, which it ultimately does.


The Parade Of Nature
On a playlist with: early Gojira, Machine Head, Arch Enemy
Listen The Parade Of Nature full stream (here)

Few things can put the sting on like straight-up Euro metal. Sometimes nuance and solid songwriting take away from an album’s heaviness, its true power. These Swedes haven’t suffered this affliction, as The Parade Of Nature is, basically, heavy as shit. But it’s also something worth listening to not just because you can bang away for hours on repeat. Now it’s time for you to engage in some self-discovery!


Meshuggah - 25 Years of Deviance Box SetMeshuggah
25 Years Of Musical Deviance vinyl box (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: Meshuggah
Watch 25 Years Of Musical Deviance teaser (here)

No, it’s not a new Meshuggah album (yet). It’s just seven others plus three EPs, boxed nicely, limited to 1,000 worldwide. Pow, baby. You ever get that pang of desire whether around a fancy car or nifty apartment? There are many such pangs involved here. For fans, this is the set to get. For appreciators, this would transform you into a true fan; if not, then let the powers that be have mercy on your poor, wasted soul.


problem of painProblem Of Pain
Burn What My Hands Wrought (Blood & Ink)
On a playlist with: The Lion’s Daughter, Black Sheep Wall
Listen Burn What My Hands Wrought full stream (here)

Hardcore, given a metalcore kick, ends up kicking extra-hard. Beyond that, Burn What My Hands Wrought is a deliciously diverse album. Combine hardcore vocals, proggy songwriting, and -core guitars. It’s the cohesion which Problem Of Pain nails: an album as a continuous whole instead of a rote set of songs. Difficult for this sub-type of metal. There’s even track six, the pained screams over moody and soft guitars, the entrance into your heart for an otherwise coldly brutal album.


Abominant3 Pill Morning Never Look Back (The Fuel) listen listen
7th Abyss Unvoiced (Trollzorn) listen
Abominant Napalm Reign (Deathgasm) listen
Aisles Hawaii (Presagio) listen listen listen
Band Of Mercy Veganocracy (Dead Truth) listen
Barb Wire Dolls Desperate (Motorhead) listen
Beansidhe Mont (Via Nocturna) listen
Deny The CrossCannibal Accident E.C.M.R.W.M.E. collection (Nailjar) listen
Coscradh Coscradh EP demos (Invictus) listen
Dead Earth Politics The Mobius Hammersmith EP listen
Deny The Cross Alpha Ghoul (Tankcrimes) listen
Departures Death Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin To Love (No Sleep) listen
Eerie Eerie (Tee Pee) listen listen
eerieThe Foreshadowing Seven Heads Ten Horns (Metal Blade) listen
Gandalf’s Owl Winterfell EP (Club Inferno) listen
Ghoul Dungeon Bastards (Tankcrimes) listen
Jason Richardson I listen listen
Jinjer King Of Everything (Napalm) listen
Manegarm Nattvasen reissue (Black Lodge) listen
Misgiver Cruelty Of Life (Innerstrength) listen
Ossuary InsaneNathanael Larochette Earth And Sky listen
Ossuary Insane Possession Of The Flesh reissue (Blood Harvest) listen
Powerwolf The Metal Mass: Live CD/DVD (Napalm) listen
Quinta Essentia Initiates Of The Great Work (Deathgasm) listen listen
Ringworm Snake Church (Relapse) listen review
Seher Nachzehrer + demo CD (Totenmusik) listen listen
September Mourning Volume II (Sumerian) listen
SeherTeorema Teorema (Via Nocturna) listen
Timor Et Tremor For Cold Shades (Trollzorn) listen
Tomb Mold The Bottomless Perdition EP reissue cassette (Blood Harvest) listen
Valient Thorr Old Salt (Napalm) listen
Vemod Venter Pa Stormene reissue (Prophecy) listen
Wreckage Future Graves EP (Hotfoot) listen
Zodiac Grain Of Soul (Napalm) listen listen

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