Sh*t That Comes Out Today: August 5, 2016

  • David Lee Rothmund

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we usually stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up.


Christ Clad In White Phosphorus 
(Apocalyptic Witchcraft)
On a playlist with: Plebeian Grandstand, As We Draw
Listen Christ Clad In White Phosphorus full stream (here)

Eternal and suffocating, pretty much sicker than all shit, Christ Clad In White Phosphorus is the absolute cream of extreme esoteric black metal. From the post-mod album imagery/representations to the self-defining song titles e.g. “Entartete Kunst,” this album rips holes into skulls and spacetime. Brain: enveloped. Mind: overtaken. Body: paralyzed. Mouth: sewn the fuck shut.


Divination (Bindrune)
On a playlist with: Vattnet Viskar, Bosse-de-Nage
Listen Divination full stream (here)

I burped up some text here about Vukari and their latest creation and for the sake of comprehensiveness (a virtue indeed) I’d like to reiterate: listen to this band. Divination is a pose struck in dramatic lighting, but it doesn’t deflate into flattened imagery or fake bullshit. The metal is bare and truthful here, and it’s set to a melancholy yet oppressive tone; this is the textbook basically.


On a playlist with: Pantera, Earth Crisis, Madball
Listen Sect full album (here)

Imagine stomping back and forth like a Sumo wrestler shouting the (bisected) word HARD-CORE-HARD-CORE, holding up a lit stick lighter and feeling the adrenaline rush through your bulging hot veins! Sect’s Sect is sect-ually brutal and just such straightforward metallic hardcore (more like diamond-reinforced granite-core) that you want more and more and more.


Terraforming (Sick Man Getting Sick)
On a playlist with: Mare Cognitum, Earth And Pillars, The Great Old Ones
Listen Terraforming full stream (here)

Rocket-ships to outer space, only these don’t take you back: such is the journey of Terraforming. Embracing this album more than definitely requires you giving up your soul to the void of the universe, so to speak. Anyway, expect bearably lengthy opus-like tracks with big genre shifts and plenty of calm-down time. Variance, the spices of life, the meadows of flowers, etc., oddly yet joyously you’ll discover these as well.


Temple_Nightside_-_The_HecatombTemple Nightside
The Hecatomb (Iron Bonehead)
On a playlist with: Lycus, Messa, Monolord
Listen The Hecatomb full stream (here)

There are two theoretical hells: the fast and brutal torture (stabbing, gutting, eviscerating, dissecting while alive, etc.), or the slow doom torture, where you relive your death so unbearably slowly that the boredom alone becomes the torture. The Hectatomb is precisely where the latter occurs. You can get plenty of the former from powerful black metal bands like Caïna (above). But remember, time goes on forever until it doesn’t.


Russian CirclesRussian Circles
Guidance (Sargent House)
On a playlist with: Pelican, Isis, Cult Of Luna
Listen Guidance full stream (here)

Russian Circles’ status in post-metal is indisputable and dominating. The heart and soul, basically. Every formula, every mood and tempo shift, all the lattices of intricacy; it takes significant time to decode, but the script reads ever-flowing and Odyssey-esque. Relistens are mandatory, you’ll begin to lust, the jam holds you in and the darkness wins your heart.



BrickAlteras Grief (Revival) listen
Bent Life Never Asked For Heaven (Bridge Nine) listen
Bloody Hammers Lovely Sort Of Death (Napalm) listen listen listen
Blues Pills Lady In Gold (Nuclear Blast) listen
Brick Faceless Strangers (Scarlet) listen
Bulletsize Pansar (Iron, Blood & Death) listen listen
The Company CorvetteCarnage Inc. Fury Incarnate (Transcending Obscurity) listen listen
Carnifex Slow Death (Nuclear Blast) listen listen listen
The Company Corvette Never Enough (The Company) listen
The Danger Of Falling Hope/Well EP (Imminence) listen
The Dead Daisies Make Some Noise (SPV) listen listen
Denominate Those Who Beheld The End (Inverse) listen
Eat The Turnbuckle The Great American Bash Your Head In EP (HPGD) listen
MaidaValeEnd Xian Soft Rock (Halfpear) listen
Excellion Unsean EP listen
Integrity Those Who Fear Tomorrow reissue (Magic Bullet) listen
Islander Power Under Control (Victory) listen
Jackyl Rowyco (Mighty Loud) listen
MaidaVale Tales Of The Wicked West (The Sign) listen
Mist Of Misery Absence (Black Lion) listen
Mist of MiseryMos Generator Abyssinia (Listenable) listen
Necromancing The Stone Jewel Of The Vile (Metal Blade) listen listen
Nomad Stones Nomad Stones (Brutal Panda) listen
Obscure Back To Skull demos (Xtreem) listen
Paganizer On The Outskirts Of Hades (Transcending Obscurity) listen
SVLFVRPit Of Carnage The Rise Of The Fallen King (CDN) listen
Porta Daemonium Serpent Of Chaos (Iron, Blood & Death) listen
Sianvar Stay Lost (Blue Swan) listen
Sinsaenum Echoes Of The Tortured listen
Storm The Sky Sin Will Find You (Rise) listen
Stormtide Wrath Of An Empire (Metal Hell) listen
Svlfvr Shamanic Lvnar Cvlt (Bakerteam) listen
Wired AnxietyTarja The Shadow Self (earMusic) listen
Thirteenth Tambourine Marsh Madness (SoundAge) listen
Unalei Taedium Vitae (Club Inferno) listen
Various Artists A Tribute To Possessed: Seven Burning Churches (Dead Center) listen
Wired Anxiety The Delirium Of Negation EP (Transcending Obscurity) listen
Zephyra As The World Collapses (Inverse) listen
Zlatanera Legerdemain listen

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