Listen: Void Meditation Cult Uncovers “Mould And Blood”


The third annual weekend fest staged by extreme filth metal label Hells Headbangers is less than a month away. It’s sure to be a rad experience and a welcome opportunity to express gratitude to a tiny organization that brings us dozens of unlikely concerts and underground albums. Many listeners wouldn’t encounter HH content, much less find it cheap, in classy packages, via easy interfaces, and calmly marketed; so basically you want to hug the whole HH team. It’s weird to feel that way about the home of Nunslaughter, Cemetery Lust, and Shitfucker, but here we are.

This year’s fest, titled Hells Headbash part 3 and staged at a classy Cleveland venue, features a bunch of big “gets” like Grand Belial’s Key, Scythian, and Incantation. Booking these must’ve taken major commitment. But funnily, a band from just a few miles away feels just as rare, exciting, and momentous: Void Meditation Cult. And if you weren’t pumped for their set since the Headbash roster was unveiled, the appearance Thursday of VMC’s first new jam since 2013, “Mould And Blood” (below), can rearrange your priorities. It’s glorious, like half of a hideous sludge band got trapped in a cave with half of a cosmic black metal act. And shit, in light of fest cancellations of Goat Semen (visas) and Hobbs’ Angel Of Death (?), maybe hometowners like VMC could fill gaps with extra sets. That’s my vote. Crank it up!!!

Void Meditation Cult’s forthcoming album Utter The Tongue Of The Dead is out October 31 via Hells Headbangers. Pre-order here.

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