Fit For An Autopsy “Flatlining”


On paper, The Depression Sessions — a three-way split between The Acacia Strain, Fit For An Autopsy and Thy Art is Murder — would seem like it’d be the most bleak, depressing, bludgeoningly heavy thing released all year. The Acacia’s Strain contribution to the split, “Sensory Deprivation,” certainly perpetuated that likelihood.

But now we get to hear Fit For An Autopsy’s entry, and… it’s about as mellow a song as they’ve ever written! They haven’t gone all Jason Newsted on us, don’t worry; it’s still plenty heavy. But it’s more melodic and expansive than their usual fare. The intro section is super groovy, calling to mind Gojira (who guitarist Will Putney recently worked with on the production side), and there’s some meaty clean vocals in the chorus, too. Explains Putney:

With “Flatlining” we went a little more melodic and moody to balance out the full on aggression of the other songs on the split. It was fun to try some new tricks. Nine Inch Nails is a collective band favorite, and I loved how ‘The Perfect Drug‘ translates so well with our style, so that was an obvious cover choice for the band. Hope you like it!

In case it wasn’t already clear, Fit For An Autopsy also recorded a cover of NIN’s “The Perfect Drug” for the split. I’d LOVE to hear that.

The Depression Sessions comes out today! Order here and listen below.

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