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Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared) Posts 50th Birthday Tribute to Dimebag Darrell


Dimebag Darrell would be turning 50 years old this coming Saturday, August 20th. If you came of age after the era of Pantera you’re probably like, “Sounds about right! He’s a metal old guy!” But if you were a teenager during Pantera’s prime when Dimebag was that strapping, young, slim stud with the curls, goatee and Dean guitar hanging at his waist… fuck, doesn’t that make you feel old??

Guitarist Ola Englund — of The Haunted and Feared and also well-known on his own as an Internet guitar guy — will turn 35 later this year, meaning he was at his most impressionable when Dimebag was in his prime, and certainly feels exactly the way we do about the age of a once-young shred hero. So it’s not surprising that he felt impassioned enough to film a tribute for Dime’s 50th anniversary, in which he shares some of his thoughts about Dime and his influence on Ola, as well as playing through some classic Dime licks.

Check out Ola’s tribute below, and pour one out for Dime this Saturday. Ola is also spearheading the “Dimebag Solo Cover Challenge,” in which he’s encouraging guitar players all over the world, regardless of skill level, to cover Dime’s solos over his pre-recorded backing tracks and upload them with hashtag #dimebaglegacy; more info on that here.

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